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Please Note: USGIS ,  Zero Emission Energy Solutions strive to Buy American and Ship American. We are also proud advocates and supporters of our domestic work force here in North America. However USGIS (US Green Infrastructure Solutions) may require components not found or even built within the USA.

These components may be substituted at the client(s) request or otherwise due to custom configuration, design specifications, availablity , time constraints or necessary function that in part or whole may have been manufactured or assembled outside the United States.

See The Difference US Green | Zero Emissions Total Waste Systems Makes!

With the rush to find a better process of sustainable energy, many methods have been attempted over the past few decades resulting in an unprecedented waste problem and incineration plants blackening our lower atmosphere.

Zero Total Waste Systems by USGIS has Solved BOTH problems simultaneously converting Municipal Solid Waste Products into a Unique Pelleted Fuel Commodity. By converting the Pellet to a Syngas by the Gasification process we now use this commodity to produce
Electricity for Other Nations Around The Globe.

ith the USGIS Process, The entire USGIS plant produces ALL This with a Carbon NEGATIVE Emission.

Zero Green House Gases | Zero Leaching | Zero Incineration | Zero Run-offs | Zero Toxins  | Zero Waste Water

Solar Power Efficiency

Huge Expense

Incineration Efficiency

Major Toxins

US Green Efficiency

Zero Toxins

Elimination of Fossil Fuels

Did you know?…If the typical household consumption of 10.7 MWh per year was generated by biomass fuel, it would eliminate the burning of 10,766 pounds of coal?

Electricity From Waste

Did you know?…That Our End Product has the same Calorific value as Coal and can be gasified to run massive turbines?

Zero Emission Means 0

We Create a Renewable Fuel Source From Garbage and Waste With Carbon Neutral Emissions!


The USGIS Process

Garbage is collected, the transported to the plant and with minimal sorting is converted by our machinery into a pelletized form of condensed matter which is then converted to an energy source. This can be used to produce Electricity without adding any additional pollutants to the environment through burning or incineration because our system is a closed loop process.



We Provide Real World Energy Solutions!

The waste we generate ends up in landfills, where it decomposes and produces landfill gas made of approximately 50 percent methane. Biomass is produced when organic wastes like trees, wood waste, and agricultural residues – decay.

This waste can be converted to fuel through our gasification processs instead of (BURNING) for the generation of electricity.

A Global Solution to Energy

Our system was Designed, Patented and Manufactured in the USA. Now we have the opportunity not only to mitigate the  solid waste problem, but turn it into an in-ground fuel reserve. We are in the scientific  stage of associating a value to Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) by converting it to a Fuel, just as you would “Fossil Fuels”.  The International Monetary Fund is working on this chore.

A Carbon Neutral Footprint

Our unique system is paramount to the  development of a country’s natural beauty and potential as a leading destination for world travelers and business community. Various Cities and remote destinations throughout the world that have vast natural and human resources are amazing assets.  It would be a pity for them to be overshadowed by mountains of waste and the dangers of leeching waters. We offer a Negative Carbon Footprint at every USGIS Plant.


A Closed System

US Green Infrastructure Solutions LLC. (“USGIS”) are the distributors and makers of the world’s most innovative Municipal Waste (mix waste) and Green/Food processing systems. USGIS’s Zero Total Waste Systems and Process (“TWS”) using Patented Disruptive Technology turns any Solid Waste Material into marketable products. Without the USGIS System, the recovery facilities have normally been removing recyclable materials from the sorting line and the remaining waste must be sent to landfills.


Our Pelletization Process


Jul. 13, 2019
This process and equipment module is for shredding waste and produces an alternative to coal. The apparatus includes a main frame positioned to provide support to the apparatus. Further, the apparatus includes a rotating core to shred, masticate, grind and compresses the waste into an energy source with the same calorific value as coal without the carbon impact on the environment nor dangers of human contamination sickness derived from coal mining.


Carbon Neutral Emissions Means A Cleaner World For All of Us.

The heart of our system and our objective at USGIS was to conceive a processing plant with the earth’s ecology, and its delicate environmental balance in mind. Our planet is in danger,  in large part from fossil fuel burning, incineration plants, greenhouse gases and the carbon impact of human waste that is choking our natural resources. Globally, we are in fact drowning in our own waste products. 



What USGIS and Zero Total Waste Systems Means To Our Oceans

The present disclosure relates to a field of waste management. More specifically, the present disclosure relates to an apparatus to shred waste. In the recent years, the amount of waste has increased sharply and has benn ending up in our oceans as a result of extreme negligence.

Pacific Ocean | Garbage Patch

Humans discard massive quantities of plastic each day, and much ends up in the oceans. The non-biodegradable plastics remain intact, even after 50 years, and contribute to the ”Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” hundreds of miles of plastic floating in the Pacific. 

Garbage Is Killing Our Oceans Delicate Balance

The fouled water, containing 100 million tons of debris, kills wildlife that ingests the plastic and destroys once-pristine beaches.

Endangered Species

In the Pacific Ocean, a combination of four different currents combine to form the North Pacific Subtropic Gyre —a slow-moving spiral of water in the middle of the Pacific. That wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that human beings are pretty messy creatures.



Don’t take our word for it – Here’s what experts say about incineration plants

“Incinerators are ticking time bombs and  becoming a global health emergency. The International Solid Waste Association and the Solid Waste Association of North  America urge that they be closed. They need to be replaced with modern disposal  and recycling facilities that can manage the  growing waste stream in an  environmentally protective way that  enhances public health”

David Biderman Director of SWANA


The cost of building and operating incinerators or providing special landfill sites is enormous. If substantial parts of these funds were to be diverted towards waste minimization or encouraging recycling, the need for waste disposal could be enormously reduced, apart from reducing the dangers which arise from both incineration and landfill.”

Salman Zafar

Renewable Energy Expert

The significant pollutants emitted are particulate matter, metals, acid gases, oxides of nitrogen, and sulfur, aside from the release of innumerable substances of unknown toxicity. This process of waste incineration poses a significant threat to public health and the environment. The major impact on health is the higher incidence of cancer and respiratory symptoms; other potential effects are congenital abnormalities.

Sharma R


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