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Repeal of the Incineration Ban is Bad News

by Jed Alegado | Jul 3,2018 | Press Release, Zero Waste Cities  MANILA,Philippines (July 3,2018) — Filipinos should prepare for the worst impacts of dirty disposal technologies if the government decides to…
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Press Release For John Nehmatallah Secures $4 Billion in funding For US Green Infrastructure,LLC.

John Nehmatallah,Managing Director of US Green Infrastructure Solutions,LLC. With offices in Orlando,Florida USA Proudly announces the sourcing of up to $4 Billion dollars USD for immediate…
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Plastic Isn’t The Enemy,Our Disposable Mindset Is

Since Sir David Attenborough declared plastic the enemy of the ocean at the end of Blue Planet II and everyone you know started sharing that video of the sea turtle…
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Everlane Pledges $260,0 to Clean 20,0 Pounds of Plastic Beach Waste

In the ocean,sunlight and saltwater break plastic apart into tiny fragments that ocean organisms consume at every level of the food chain. This is crippling marine ecosystems,in turn disrupting our food chain and accelerating climate change.