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Repeal of the Incineration Ban is Bad News

by Jed Alegado | Jul 3, 2018 | Press Release, Zero Waste Cities   MANILA, Philippines (July 3, 2018) — Filipinos should prepare for the worst impacts of dirty disposal technologies if the government decides to repeal the ban on waste incineration, Dr. Jorge Emmanuel, a former DOST Balik Scientist and expert on waste management warned. “Thermal waste-to-energy facilities will not…
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Press Release For John Nehmatallah Secures $4 Billion in funding For US Green Infrastructure, LLC.

John Nehmatallah , Managing Director of US Green Infrastructure Solutions, LLC. With offices in Orlando, Florida USA Proudly announces the sourcing of up to $4 Billion dollars USD for immediate release to qualified countries for the purchase of its Patented Zero Total Waste to Energy Solutions machinery. US Green Infrastructure Solutions, LLC. Along with the…
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Sperm whale found dead with 13 pounds of plastic in its stomach

Sperm whale found dead with 13 pounds of plastic in its stomach | Credit National Geographic


“These ticking time bombs are becoming a global health emergency, and the International Solid Waste Association and the Solid Waste Association of North America urge that they be closed. They need to be replaced with modern disposal and recycling facilities that can manage the growing waste stream in an environmentally protective way that enhances public health”