Floor Plan A


High-Performance building kit of one (1) unit which Includes:


Exterior Walls:   4 ½” Thick 12mm MGO SIP –NON-Impact – R24

Interior Walls:   4 ½” Thick 12mm MGO SIP – R24

Other:  6” metal studs with 12mm MGO board for interior wet walls.


  • Exterior walls are manufactured with 1Lb density EPS which is non-toxic, non-flammable ASTM approved.
  • EPS foam is treated with borate to keep Termites and Carpenter Ants out of the SIP system.
  • Lumber treated with borate. Wall panels do not need furring or drywall, they can be taped and finished with flexible joint compound like drywall.
  • Wall panels are prepared to be installed on top of concrete slabs on grade or framed floor systems

Roof Panels: 6 ½” Thick Plywood / MGO SIP –R38 (trusses are not needed with USGIS’s system)