History of IMS


The history behind the IMS concept

After decades of experience in the Global Payments marketplace, the founders of IMS saw a growing need for transparency in currency transactions. Distrust in financial institutions and the awareness of a huge financial accounting and reporting gap in the Forex market lead to the formation of IMS.

Our solution dramatically reduce fraud for consumer clients, credit card companies, financial institutions, cryptocurrency organizations and merchants with instant identity verification that is inexpensive to implement while being convenient and simple to use for the end user.


Searching for better ways to help clients

After frustrations with unexplained losses during currency transactions, IMS decided it was time to do more than just complain about the situation. IMS began an exhausting search into the processes and patterns of currency transactions. After meeting with and interviewing key individuals throughout the markets, IMS’s suspicions were confirmed; value was disappearing during the transaction.

Before 2010 it was very apparent within the Forex © Trading circles and Online Currency Conversions that took place in the infancy stage of the internet, there was a serious transparency and (Slippage) problem facing Traders as well as Banking online. While billions of dollars around the world was being eaten up in lost transaction events with absolutely no accountability, the Challenge before IMS was clear. The Main focus of IMS © was then to design and develop certain proprietary technologies for currency transactions that gave complete transparency to the user. This method and system of Point of Conversion or (POC) with Time / Date stamping was born, then by sending a Report to the user of an exact transaction time down to the second this gave the user and exact moment of his or her transaction for taxation. This POC Report Characterizes clients’ Money Conversion so they can substantiate the value of the Spread to use it for tax purposes.



Our mission to deal with "Slippage"

IMS has made it a mission to provide a process for companies to clearly see the value of their currency in a transaction. IMS developed the Point Of Conversion report, giving companies the critical piece of information that allows them to not only see all values of the currency and fees associated with the transaction, but also to have information that would allow them to make informed decisions.

We want to make American and International companies stronger and more competitive in foreign markets, through educating and equipping companies with advanced knowledge and state of the art Global Payments tools and methods. IMS will bring 100% accountability in currency transactions and provide more value. IMS will be positioned as the most respected and trusted Cash Delivery System in the U.S.

We have discovered a very unique and unrevealed niche that will be revolutionary to the bottom line to the smallest and largest of international businesses across the country. We are a unified team to meet the challenge of delivering this product to a market in need, quickly and effectively. We firmly believe that in an unchallenged market full of hidden fees, programs that are more focused on education more disclosure are greatly needed.

  • Transparency in global payments and currency conversion transactions is critical to rebuilding trust
  • Superior customer service and support
  • Robust trading platform that provides immediate and accurate disclosure

IMS’ currency delivery process is revolutionary in an industry that has gone largely undefined and unregulated for 40 years.