Our USGIS Waste System


The USGIS System of Conversion

of Solid Waste Into Pellets For Gasification



In the recent years, the amount of waste has increased sharply. This increase can be attributed to factors such as increased demand and production of livestock and agricultural produce, mismanagement of livestock and agricultural produce, lack of proper waste management resources and the like. The waste primarily includes municipal waste, green waste, organic waste and the like. This waste occupies large sections of land. This waste does not decompose properly and affects the soil quality, air quality and water resource present in the vicinity. In addition, this waste is wet, has a bad odor and contains harmful bacteria. In addition, this occupancy of waste poses negative psychological impact on the neighborhood.

To overcome this, the waste must be shredded and ground up then pelletized in order to be “Gasified” and used to produce energy.

In conventional treatment methods, the solid waste obtained from municipal dump areas is commonly transferred to multiple chambers equipped with shredding blades housed in large mechanical structures. Our World-Class Patented Waste Management Solution brings ALL THE BEST current solutions of MSW management and disposal into each USGIS Plant in order to:

1) Substantially reduces greenhouse gasses
2) Eliminates landfill requirements
3) Kill all harmful bacteria and foul odors
4) Significantly reduces health risks and
5) Reduce community/social costs of solid waste disposal
6) US Green’s Patented Technology

Is based on a time-tested process Enhanced by new innovations proven for solid waste management
Is durable and simple to operate and maintain

The USGIS System and Plant Operation

Produce fuel pellets (energy), animal feed, fertilizers and soil enhancements as end-products
Fast and effective stand-alone machines, or integrated into total waste management systems
Save money for system operators and the communities they serve US Green’s Step By Step
Waste Received to the Facility, through normal means MSW, Segregated Organics, etc.

1) Segregated wastes by type will optimize efficiency
2) Pre-Sorted for Metals, Aggregates and other contaminants
3) Combination of mechanical and manual sort techniques
4) Metals and other high value recyclables are removed
5) Dirt and aggregates can be crushed and blended as road base or disposed
6) Sorted feed stock is shredded to size
7) US Green Energy has multiple shredders for different applications
8) Shredded size is inserted in the proprietary radiant heat “cooker” processor
9) Pathogens and Bacteria killed before forming spores
10) Processed hot wet material is then pressed to extract moisture
11) Damp solid material is then dried to marketing specification
12) US Green Energy proprietary dryer can have varying dryness levels “dialed in” to meet the marketing specification